Amovent Convention (yet English only)

Conventional Signs

Service - the site you're are on now,

User, Service User - a person who owns an account on Service and uses it

User agreement

You use this service as-is. If you don't agree with something, you can deactivate your account and stop using service.

Your data that you produce using this service, may be kept on the service.

Users are all equals. We do not have any VIP accounts or special features for special persons. Admin is the only who has more functions.

The creator, admin, Service Team and other people, who keep the site working are not responsible for the events, user collaboration between each other or any other things Users do here. The Amovent Team is only responsible for site keep working. The Event responsibility is on Event creator and may be partially on the Users who moderate Event or participate in it.

Rights and Obligations

You must behaviour correctly and with respect on other Users of Service. Admin may block or deactivate your account if your behaviour does not meeet requirements of this Convention or sanity.